VTB League 2020 All-Star Game. User’s manual

VTB League 2020 All-Star Game. User’s manual

What is VTB League All-Star Game?

Annual event that features the greatest basketball players of Europe, famous artists performing live and big showtime. This will be the fourth All-Star of VTB United League.

That’s how it was in 2017 in Sochi:

St. Petersburg 2018:

Moscow 2019:

2020 All-Star. Where and when?

On Sunady, February 16, at VTB Arena in Moscow.

VTB Arena park is a state of art sports facility that operates since 2018 and has football pitch and ice hockey rink under the same roof.

How to get there?

By metro or by car

Address: Leningradsky pr. 36, Moscow

Nearest metro station: Dinamo, Petrovsky park

Arena location on the map:

Arena location from above:

Who plays?

League’s elite players: Russia Stars vs World Stars. Europe’s brightest star Alexey Shved, Russian veterans Sergey Monia and Vitaly Fridzon, national team point guard Dmitry Khvostov on one side. 1 on 1 genius Mike James, Kazan’s hot duo Jamar Smith – Errick McCollum and the Giant of Mexico Gustavo Ayon on the other side.

Final rosters:

Russia Stars: Alexey Shved (Khimki), Dmitriy Kulagin, Vitaly Fridzon (Lokomotiv-Kuban), Maxim Grigoryev (PARMA), Denis Zakharov (Enisey), Dmitriy Khvostov (Zenit), Sergey Monia (Khimki), Anton Astapkovich (Nizhny Novgorod), Nikita Kurbanov, Semen Antonov, Joel Bolomboy (CSKA), Vladislav Trushkin (Zenit), Artem Zabelin (PARMA).

World Stars: Mike James (CSKA), Errick McCollum, Jamar Smith (UNICS), Adas Juskevicius (PARMA), Davion Berry (Enisey), Kyle Vinales (Kalev), Mindaugas Kuzminskas (Lokomotiv-Kuban), Janis Timma, Jonas Jerebko (Khimki), Malcolm Hill (Astana), Gustavo Ayon (Zenit), Dusan Ristic (Astana), Kylie Hines (CSKA).

Стартовые пятерки определили главные тренеры команды — Евгений Пашутин и Римас Куртинайтис. С первых минут на паркете появятся:

Teams’ coaches Evgeny Pashutin and Rimas Kurtinaitis have selected their starting fives. These guys will open the game:

Russia Stars: Dmitry Kulagin (Lokomotiv-Kuban), Alexey Shved (Khimki), Nikita Kurbanov, Semen Antonov, Joel Bolomboy (CSKA). 

World Stars: Mike James (CSKA), Jamar Smith (UNICS), Mindaugas Kuzminskas (Lokomotiv-Kuban), Jonas Jerebko (Khimki), Kyle Hines (CSKA).


Anything else?

Three-point contest will be played between first two quarters, and dunk contest is scheduled after the third. Each contest features 4 players.

Three-point contest: Maxim Grigoryev (PARMA), Vitaly Fridzon (Lokomotiv-Kuban), Malcolm Hill (Astana), Branko Mirkovic (Tsmoki-Minsk)

Slam dunk contest: Anton Astapkovich (Nizhny Novgorod), Austin Hollins (Zenit), Aleksandr Petenev (Avtodor), Maxim Miranchuk (Astana)

Any fan contests?


Yandex.Station, Changan auto, Peak sneakers, 1 mln rubles from FGUP MEZ and HOFF gift cards will be up for grabs!

What about the kits?

This time VTB United League chose good old red vs blue uniforms.

Russia Stars will play in red, while blue is for World Stars.

Where to buy official merchandise?

T-shirts, hoodies and other can be bought during the All-Star.

Who will come?

TV host and singer Olga Buzova, rap musician Big Russian Boss, blogers Mikhail Litvin and Subkhan Mamedov, comedian Sergey Mezencev, TV host Vladimir Markoni and football twins Alexey and Vasiliy Berezutskiy.

Ivan Urgant will host the event for the fourth time in a row.

IOWA will perform live during halftime break

Where can I watch it?

If you can’t visit VTB Arena in Moscow, you surely have to turn on live broadcast by Match TV.

The broadcast starts at 16:30 on February 16, Moscow time!


Promo reel

If you’re still not sure if it’s worth going, just check this video.