Vince Hunter on 2-0 series with Loko: «Everyone at Zenit has a desire to take a chance»

Vince Hunter on 2-0 series with Loko: «Everyone at Zenit has a desire to take a chance»

Zenit center Vince Hunter talked about the team’s mood before the 3rd Place Series Game 3 against Lokomotiv Kuban.

– Zenit leads the series 2-0. What can be the most dangerous in such a situation before the next game?

– Of course, to think that we have almost done everything, but no one from the team will just do the wrong thing and try to finish the Series. We don’t want to come in, lose the Game 1, hope for the Game 2 or then have home court advantage. Everybody has the desire to take advantage of the situation now, finishing the season as best as we can.

– The Game 2 was very efficient, and there were a lot of bright moments in the Game 1, is it any connection with it, in your opinion?

– Yes, both teams scored a lot. I think we felt good in offense. That’s the reason, we enjoyed the game.

– What kind of mindset will the teams have in the game?

– Well I can’t tell you about Lokomotiv, but I know we’ll be ready to play because, like I said, we’re not trying to do everything with minimal effort, but instead we want to give our best, so now we just have to get down to business.

– This season you have already been twice recognized as the best player of the Playoffs according to the fans. How do you feel about that?

– It’s important to me. But we lost last Series, so I think it’s a mixed feeling. I’m very happy that the fans love me and the way I play, they always show their support and love, it helps me show my best on the court. But it’s also important for me to win, I have mixed feelings because we didn’t do our job in the Semifinals against CSKA.

– On Thursday, will you try to win this title in the last series of the season?

– No, I never thought about that. I know that many good players try their best to achieve it and score points for the sake of titles and awards. But I’m going to play so that my team wins. And if it turns out that I have 4 points and 6 rebounds like I did in the Game 1, but we win, then that means it went the way it was supposed to. I’m just trying to give my best effort, hoping we get the win.