Velimir Perasovic: «The Game 7 will be different»

Velimir Perasovic: «The Game 7 will be different»

UNICS head coach Velimir Perasovic estimated the power balance before the Game 7 of the Semifinal series against Lokomotiv Kuban.

– What do you expect from the decisive game of the Semifinal series between UNICS and Lokomotiv Kuban? Do you have a special plan for this game?

– Of course, the Game 7 will be difficult and different from the previous games. We need to focus on mistakes we made earlier. It’s obvious that in the previous game in Krasnodar, Lokomotiv had more toughness, athleticism and aggressiveness. If we want to expect a win, we must show the same high level in these aspects.

– What mistakes did the team make in the last game in Krasnodar? How do you plan to correct them?

– As I have already mentioned, the key reasons for our loss in thGame 6 were the toughness and aggressiveness of the opponent. We were not able to respond worthly, and that’s why we lost.

– Did you follow the games of the other Semifinals – CSKA and Zenit? UNICS will definitely have to play one of those teams in the next series.

– No, I didn’t. Right now I’m fully focused on my team and our game.