The League Board Meeting 2024 was hosted in Moscow

The League Board Meeting 2024 was hosted in Moscow

The VTB United League Board took place in Moscow today. The League’s management , participating teams’ representatives and members of the federations of the playing countries.

The Board approved the list of the teams, the format and regulations of the 2024/25 season.

12 teams will play in the VTB United League 23/24 season: Avtodor (Russia), Astana (Kazakhstan), CSKA (Russia), Enisey (Russia), Lokomotiv Kuban (Russia), MBA-MAI (Russia), Pari Nizhny Novgorod (Russia), PARMA (Russia), Samara (Russia), UNICS (Russia), Uralmash (Russia) and Zenit (Russia).

Runa and MINSK won’t be able to participate in the VTB League 2024/25 season. But MINSK will join the VTB Youth League. 

In the upcoming season, 12 teams will play 4 rounds and have games with each other in the regular season (2 home games and 2 on the road). The first 6 teams in the standings will qualify the the Playoffs, 7th – 10th placed teams will have Play-In for the remaining 2 Playoffs seeds.

According to the regular season results, the League’s 8 best teams will be determined. In the 2023/24 season, the champion will be determined in the playoffs: the quarterfinal series will be up to 3 wins, the semifinals and final – up to 4 wins, the 3rd place series – up to 3 wins.