Works out with Durant, looks like Bob Marley and simply loves kids. Robert Lowery, new Tsmoki leader

Works out with Durant, looks like Bob Marley and simply loves kids. Robert Lowery, new Tsmoki leader

Robert Lowery is a 33 year old guard who spends his 4th season in the United League. In the middle of 2010s he was playing for VEF and Astana, last season he signed with Tsmoki-Minsk and in summer he used the option to extend the contract with Tsmoki.

Rob had his best season in the League in 2016 for Astana, averaging 14 points per game. Lowery’s top highlight play is a game-winning three in the second overtime against Enisey:

In Tsmoki-Minsk the American guard plays big minutes but he is more like floor general rather than scorer, he is top-10 League players in assists per game (4,8). Without two team leaders who moved to Spain Maksim Salash and Artsiom Parakhouski Minsk offense became weaker. In the game against Nizhny Lowery was red hot: 27 points with 9 from 11 from the field, 5 rebounds, 4 assists… Rob had a career-high game in the United League, and Tsmoki won for the first time since October breaking 8-game losing streak.

“This game was close, we did lots of mistakes but won 1 point in the end. I believe that those who deserve to win get the victory. Yes, we lost few close ones in clutches, against Loko, Kalev but it is basketball. We were fighting, but we weren’t lucky. All we have to do is go to the gym and work hard. I think that in 2021 we are getting better.”

“I miss Maks (Salash) and Artsiom (Parakhouski), they have been key players. But it is business: somebody get signed, some are sent home because of poor game. We have to move further. We signed Derek Cooke, it’s an important signing, as you see we took the first victory in a long time with him. I like our rosterour policy is working hard and willing to win” – Robert Lowery says after a win over Nizhny Novgorod.

Tsmoki is the first Lowery’s team where he stood for more than one season. Before that, the guard was playing in Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, Greece and Poland.

“I wouldn’t come back if I didn’t like the people, the city, of course I like the city, the people, the organization. They are respectful with me and how I am as a player, they accept me. I have some really good things to say. Rostislav Vergun isn’t just a head coach for me, he is also a friend. It’s easy to communicate with him. For example, if I say – Coach, I don’t think that it was a nice play to set – he says – Okay, next time we play your combination, will see if it’s better.”

Robert Lowery started playing basketball at the age of 6. As he says he knew that he wants to becoame a professional basketball player or American football player since childhood.

“When I was young I was dreaming of playing in the NBA or just make some money doing what I love. Besides basketball I wanted to play American football but I was always told that I was undersized compared to other NFL guys.

My emotions on the court, I’ve always been emotional, been passionate about things that I love, my daughter, my family, my job which is basketball, so I’m pretty emotional on the court but off the court I like to laugh but sometimes I’m not as emotional as I am on the court. 

You always recognize Robert Lowery, the guard is bright on the floor. No doubt Rob is sincere.

tsmoki_avtodor_ubl_vtb_ (18)

The guard has had a Bob Marley haircut for 15 years, in the States they call him Jamaican Rob. He also has about 30 tatoos. In one interview Lowey said that the first tatoo he made at the age of 14 and it said “Fear no one but God”. Among other tatoos there are flags of countries he played in:

“I have some basketball tatoos on my back, flags of countries were I played. I have Kazakhstan and Belarus flags as well”

Lowery is using social networks like many other players. In summer he posted pictures of joint training with Kevin Durant, Brooklyn Nets star. It turned out that Rob and Kevin are firends since childhood:

“Me and Kevin Durant, Kevin has been my friend since we’ve been kids, we are from the same neighborhood, same area. As for working out with him in the summer, my daughter lives in LA, Kevin works out in LA in the summer so when I had to pick up my daughter I called Kevin and he told me to come to work out”.

Lowery’s life is full of basketball but he has other hobbies too. For instance, sneakers:

“Yes, sneakers is my passion. I don’t know what’s the exact number of pairs, there’s lots of them. Some of them I gave to my little brother. I think, my favourite ones are Space Jam Jordan 11, they are unique, childhood sneakers”

Despite European career, Lowery has 2 degrees in electronics and multimedia and even attended acting classes. Can he leave basketball after retirement? Robert don’t think so:

“I am gifted with communication skills since childhood. I can be a broadcaster or kids trainer, that’s just first things that came to my mind. I am sure I want to stay in basketball anyway, I gave it so much time.”

Yes, I love kids. I like spending time with them. I love the energy that children give me. To talk about my daughter I can speak all day about her because she matters the most for me, she is the most important person in my life. Does she want to be a basketball player? I don’t think so, she is more into beauty stuff. But it can switch, and one day may be she’ll say: “Hey, daddy, I want to try basketball, teach me”. Whatever she does in life I want her to be happy.”

In a week of All-Star Game 2021 voting Robert Lowery became the most popular Tsmoki’s player, more than a half of Tsmoki fans voted for him. Probably, the guard will get into the next voting stage, and as Rob said himself he wants to participate in All-Star Game in Moscow:

“I appreciate to be in the top of voting among my teammates. It’s nice to see out fans voting for me, it’s a great honour. I participated in All-Star Games in Czech Republic and Latvia before and I’d like to participate here in Moscow if I be chosen.”