PARMA defeated CSKA in Molot again

PARMA defeated CSKA in Molot again

PARMA defeated CSKA in Perm – 84:80 (20:19, 25:14, 21:20, 18:27).

Game progress
With tense Molot support, the teams played cautiously in the first quarter. Neither team managed to build a lead andsteadily exchanged shots. 

Amath M’Baye three-pointer with 1.5 minutes left in the first quarter gave CSKA a lead – 19:17. However, Emil Rajkovic had to use a timeout twice in the next 6 minutes. The Moscow team made 4 turnovers and missed all 5 shots from the game, PARMA made a 17:1 run. The Perm team managed to maintain the lead by the halftime – 45:33.

CSKA started the third quarter very aggressive. The Moscow team cut the difference several times, but the hosts responded time after time, keeping the lead from becoming critical. After Ruslan Abdulbasirov made shot, PARMA had a 13-point lead before the last quarter – 66:53.

Key moment
CSKA attempted a comeback, which was led by Casper Ware and Melo Trimble. By the middle of the fourth quarter, the guards’ duo had scored 14 of the team’s 16 points, but after C.J. Bryce free throws and Stanislav Ilnitskiy three-pointer, PARMA regained a 9-point lead.

The Moscow team made a comeback with Ware and Trimble once again – 75:78. The Perm team was able to defend on the next 2 possessions, and then the guests started to commit tactical fouls, PARMA players made all free throws,

PARMA and CSKA bench players scored 30 and 29 points, but the hosts had 14 shots from the game less.

PARMA defeated CSKA in Perm for the second time this season. The Moscow teamteam lost two games in a row for the first time in the season.

PARMA: Isaiah Reese (17), C.J. Bryce (16 + 5 assists), B.J. Johnson (15 + 4 steals + 3 blocks), Richard Solomon (10 + 9 rebounds), Aleksandr Platunov (10).
CSKA: Amath M’Baye (18 + 6 rebounds), Livio Jean-Charles (14 + 7 rebounds), Melo Trimble (13 + 5 steals), Casper Ware (13).

What’s next
PARMA (16-11): March 2 on the road against Enisey
CSKA (22-5): March 2 at home versus Zenit.