Keith Langford
Keith Langford


  • Khimki (2009-2011)
  • UNICS (2014-2017)



VTB United League champion (2011), VTB United League silver medalist (2016), scoring champion (2016), All-Star Game participant (2017), the top UNICS scorer of All-Time and All-Time League Top-5 scorer (1960) at the moment of entering Hall of Fame.


One of the best sharp shooters in the VTB United League history Keith Langford helped Khimki win gold medals in 2011, in 2016 he won League’s scoring title and won silver medals with UNICS, and in 2017 was selected to the All-Star Game. At the moment of entering Hall of Fame Langford was UNICS franchise top scorer (1713 points) and also All-Time Top-5 VTB United League scorer.