VTB United League Presents Hall Of Fame

VTB United League Presents Hall Of Fame

The VTB United League presented the Hall of Fame at VTB League Awards Night on the eve of the 2019 All-Star Game. Ten legendary players and coaches were inducted on Saturday evening.


Milos Teodosic

Club: CSKA (2011-17)
Most decorated foreign player in League history. Leads all foreign players in assists.

Andrei Kirilenko

Club: CSKA (2011-12, 2014-15)
Only player in League history to win the VTB League regular season and playoffs MVP in the same season.

Victor Khryapa

Club: CSKA (2009-18)
Eight-time VTB League champion. Has the most titles in League history. Recorded the first triple-double in League history. MVP of the first League season.

E.J. Rowland

Clubs: VEF (2012-13), Khimki (2016-17)
Most important foreign player in VEF history. Won the 2012-13 regular season MVP.

Gregor Arbet

Club: Kalev (2009-18)
Long-time Kalev captain. Only foreign player to compete in the League’s first nine seasons. 

Keith Langford

Clubs: Khimki (2009-11), UNICS (2014-17)
Highest-scoring foreign player in VTB United League history at the start of the 10th anniversary season (1,960 points). Only player in League history to score more than 35 points in four games.

Jerry Johnson

Clubs: Lietuvos Rytas (2010-11), Astana (2011-16)
Long-time leader at Astana and the first to record 650 assists in the League. 


Ettore Messina

Club: CSKA (2012-14)
Most decorated coach not currently working in the VTB United League. Messina won two championships and he’s one of two League coaches (along with Dimitris Itoudis) with a plus .800 winning percentage in 50 or more games.

Rimas Kurtinaitis

Clubs: VEF (2010-11), Khimki (2011-16, 2019-…)
First coach in League history to win 100 games. Only non-CSKA coach to win a VTB League championship.

Evgeny Pashutin

Clubs: CSKA (2009-10), UNICS (2010-12), Lokomotiv-Kuban (2012-14), UNICS (2014-17), Avtodor (2017-18, 2019-…)
Has coached in all 10 League seasons with a record 210 appearances among coaches. Winningest Russian coach in League history. Won a VTB League championship in 2009-10.