SuperCup tickets are avaliable on sale!

SuperCup tickets are avaliable on sale!

Tickets for the first ever VTB United League SuperCup went on sale today!

You can buy a ticket on the, the official VTB Arena website, as well as on the Yandex Afisha ticket service in the Sports section.

The VTB United League SuperCup is a new tournament that will be held before the start of the 2021/22 regular season, on September 18-19. The 4 best teams of the previous season will take part in it — CSKA, UNICS, Zenit and Lokomotiv-Kuban. The SuperCup will be held at the VTB Arena in Moscow.

September 18 
16.00 – UNICS (2) – Zenit (3)
19.00 – CSKA (1) – Lokomotiv-Kuban (4)

September 19
16.00 – the 3rd place game
19.00 – the Final game

The winning team will get Alexander Gomelsky Cup!

Ilona Korstin, the League General Manager:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         — We are pleased to announce the start of ticket sales for the League’s first pre-season SuperCup, which will be held at the VTB Arena! About 3,000 tickets will be sold — we follow the recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor and follow them clearly. The arena will observe social distance, chess seating of the audience, and the mandatory of wearing masks. The SuperCup tickets price starts from 200 rubles, and we also offer a pleasant bonus for all fans of a 25 % discount when buying a ticket for two game days. We expect that all four teams participating in the SuperCup will be represented in their strongest squads, which promises thrilling basketball!