Stars of the past. Where are they now?

Stars of the past. Where are they now?

Not long ago these players were VTB League stars, but today they are in different leagues. Where do they play now? We have the answer.

Keith Langford

VTB United League: Khimki (2009-2011), UNICS (2014-2017)
Now: АЕК (Greece)

In VTB United League the American achieved all one could dream of. Champion of 2011, Best sniper of 2016, 2017 All-Star Game and induction into the Hall of Fame in 2019.

Keith Langford is 37now, but still plays at the highest level. In 2019/20 the American became Champions League MVP and helped AEK qualify to the final. 3 other ex-VTB League players are Langford’s teammates now: Nikos Zisis, Yannick Moreira and Jonas Maciulis.

Milos Teodosic

VTB United League: CSKA (2011-2017)
Now: Virtus Bologna (Italy)

Milos Teodosic left VTB League as 6-time champion and all-time best assister. One of the brightest players of the League went to conquer NBA in 2017.

Today, the point guard plays for Italian Virtus Bologna (with Stefan Markovic, Vince Hunter and Josh Adams) and still amazes with his assists. His recent pass has 2 mln views now!

Andrew Goudelock

VTB United League: UNICS (2013-2014)
Now: Rytas (LIthuania)

One of the most prominent scorer of VTB United League had only one season, but secured his spot on the pages of League’s history. After 2013/14 season, Andrew Goudelock was regular season MVP with 19.8 points in UNICS. In 2014, Goudelock was Eurocup and Cup of Russia MVP.

After UNICS, the American became the first ever player to make 10 threes in Euroleague match. Later he played in China and came back to NBA. Today he represents Lithuanian Rytas with other ex-VTB League players: Kristjan Kitsing, Ryan Boatright and Maurice Ndour.

Taylor Rochestie

VTB United League: Nizhny Novgorod (2013-2015), Lokomotiv-Kuban (2016-2017)
Now: Crvena Zvezda (Serbia)

The American guard Taylor Rochestie helped Nizhny Novgorod get to VTB United League final in 2014, became Euroleague’s top scorer in 2015, and as a Loko’s player took part in the first VTB Leage All-Star Game in Sochi.

Currently, the guard wears Crvena Zvezda’s jersey where he’s bench point guard. Marko Simonovic (ex-Zenit) and Johnny O’Bryant (ex-Lokomotiv-Kuban) are his teammates.

Danilo Andzusic

VTB United League: PARMA (2016-2017), UNICS (2017-2018)
Now: «Bourg» (France)

Danilo Andzusic was PARMA’s most spectacular player in team’s opening season of VTB League. The Serbian averaged almost 20 points per game, and his highlight was game against UNICS where he scored 40 points.

Andzusic came to French league in 2019 where he plays for Eurocup’s Bourg. In the early part of 2020/21 season, the 29-year-old’s PPG is 19.0.

Cody Miller McIntyre

VTB United League: PARMA (2017-2018), Zenit (2018-2019)
Now: Partizan (Serbia)

Cody Miller McIntyre still is the only player of VTB League history who made at least 2 tripple-doubles. In 2018, the American played in the All-Star Game where he showed this insane dunk!

Today 26-year-old Miller-McIntyre is one of Partizan leaders in Adriatic league and Eurocup. Another ex-VTB League player Nemanja Gordic (Azovmash 2012/13) is his teammate now.

Kirill Fesenko

VTB United League: Donetsk (2012-2013), Avtodor (2014-2015), Lokomotiv-Kuban (2015-2016)
Now: Dnipro (Ukraine)

The Ukrainian center Kirill Fesenko played for 3 different VTB United League teams, but Avtodor was the most memorable. That is where he became month MVP (January 2015). Moreover, in 2014/15 season Fesenko was among three most efficient players of the League (20.0 points)

Over the last 2 years, the center has been playing for Dnipro of his home town. In 2019 they won Cup of Ukraine, and then the League in 2020.

Paul Stoll

VTB United League: Avtodor (2015-2016)
Сейчас: «Fuerza Regia» (Mexico)

2015/16 regular season was the best in history of Avtodor (20-10, 67% of wins), and the Mexican guard Paul Stoll was the leader of the team. He also was the best assisting player (7.6) of that edition of VTB United League.

This year, the 34-year-old came home and won Mexican league with Fuerza Regia. His averages in LNBP final series are 14.3 points and 2.8 assists.

Nick Minnerath

VTB United League: Avtodor (2016-2017)
Now: Seoul Knights (South Korea)

In 2016/17 season, Avtodor forward Nick Minnerath became top scorer of the League beating even Alexey Shved with 23.3 points. In 2017, Minnerath was the first international player of Saratov to take part in VTB United League All-Star Game.

After Saratov, Minnerath moved to play in China and Puerto Rico and plays in South Korean league since 2019. His average stats are 21 points and 5.9 rebounds (with Seoul Samsung Thunders), at the start of new season the 31-year-old forward averages 9.4 points and 3.7 rebounds as a reserve player of Seoul Knights.

Perrin Buford

VTB United League: Avtodor (2018-2019)
Now: Shimane Susanoo Magic

Two years ago, Perrin Buford of Avtodor was one of the most efficient players of VTB United League. The American appeared in highlight reels on a regular basis and stunned with his efficiency. He was the only Saratov player in the World Stars team at 2019 All-Star Game.

Last offseason Buford went to Asia where he plays for Japanese Shimane Susanoo Magic. The American is not starting player most often, and his average stats are 12 points and 5 rebounds.

D. J. Stephens

VTB United League: Zenit (2014-2015)
Now: Prometei (Ukraine)

D. J. Stephens was one of the signature Zenit players in team’s debut season in VTB League. The American didn’t show impressive stats (6.7 points), but his jumps and dunks were spectacular.

After Zenit, Stephens played in NBA, G League, France, Puerto Rico and Bahrein, and now the 29-year-old forward plays for Ukrainian Proetei where he demonstrates the highest career stats (13.1 points after 9 games).

Stevan Jelovac

VTB United League: Lietuvos Rytas (2013-2014), Nizhny Novgorod (2017-2018)
Now: San-en NeoPhoenix (Japan)

On February 15, 2018, Stevan Jelovac set VTB United League highes result of 49 points scored in a single game (against Kalev). Thanks to that game, Jelovac was awarded for the best performance of 2017/18 season, and joined the top 3 scoring players of the league (20.5 PPG).

In 2020, Jelovac moved to Japan where he signed with San-en NeoPhoenix. After the first 9 games, Stevan Jelovac is one of the league leaders for points (21.6 per game) and rebounds (10.1).

Rasid Mahalbasic

VTB United League: Nymburk (2013-2014), Astana (2014-2015), Nizhny Novgorod (2015-2016)
Now: Oldenburg (Germany)

The Slovenian center played for VTB United League’s Nymburk, Astana and Nizhny Novgorod and had always been one of team leaders. In 2015, he set his career high of 32 points which helped Astana beat Zenit for the first time in history.

Since 2017, Mahalbasic has been starting center of German Oldenburg, never getting lower than 10 points per game. The Slovenian won German Cup silver medals (2020) and Bundesliga bronze (2019).

Sonny Weems

VTB United League: Zalgiris (2011-2012), CSKA (2012-2015)
Now: Guangdong Southern Tigers (China)

Sonny Weems is 3-time VTB United League champion and top scorer of CSKA in 2012/13 season. With his stable and confident performance for the Army club, he came back to NBA in 2015.

He’s spent last 2 years in Chinese league, where he’s one of the major stars of the league. With Guangdong Southern Tigers he won two leagues (2019, 2020), and awarded MVP of the 2020 final series.


Carlos Cabezas

VTB United League: Khimki (2009-2010)
Now: Nacional de Montevideo (Uruguay)

2006 World Cup winner with Spanish national, he spent the best years of professional career in his domestinc league with the only foreign transfer to Russia. In 2009-2010 Cabezas played for Khimki.

Hard to believe, but 40-year-old Cabezas still plays professionaly! The guard represents Nacional de Montevideo from Uruguay, where he is starting point guard with an average of 8 points per game.