Avtodor rises to the 2nd place in the standings with overtime win in Krasnoyarsk

Avtodor rises to the 2nd place in the standings with overtime win in Krasnoyarsk

Avtodor defeated Enisey in Krasnoyarsk —101:95 OT (24:18, 16:21, 19:25, 23:18, 19:13).

The best scorers
Enisey: Casper Ware (19), Brinton Lemar (16), Sergey Balashov (14), Timofey Gerasimov (13 + 8 assists), Darral Willis (13 + 6 rebounds).
Avtodor: Philip Scrubb (24 + 6 rebounds), Grant Jerrett (20 + 5 rebounds), Jaron Johnson (15 + 5 assists), Zeljko Sakic (12 + 7 rebounds).
Game progress

Avtodor arrived in Krasnoyarsk in the status of one of the leaders of the season with 4 wins in 5 games. The hosts, after the success in Tallinn, lost their three previous games.

The Saratov team began to prove the status from the first minutes. By tradition, their run was initiated by 3-pointers. Long-range shots by Evgeniy Kolesnikov and Philip Scrubb forced Drazen Anzulovic to take a time-out already in the opening of the game – 10:2. After the time-out and some substitutions, Enisey came back to the game. The host used their bigmen instead of shooting 3-pointers. Sergey Balashov and Darral Willis helped to reduce the gap to one shot. But the guests still had the last word in the first quarter. Pavel Sergeev’s ultra-long three with the buzzer gave the guests a 6-point lead – 24:18.

The Saratov team started the 2nd quarter. When the guests’ lead became double-digit, Enisey coaching staff decided on a frank adventure. But the super-small five with Alexey Babushkin as the center turned out to be surprisingly effective. Aggressive defense provoked the opponent to several turnovers and marked the hosts’ comeback. It ended with a 3-pointer by Timofey Gerasimov, after which the Krasnoyarsk team took the lead for the first time in the game – 39:38.

However, this time the last word in the quarter remained for Avtodor. Evgeniy Kolesnikov’s buzzer-beater returned Avtodor to the minimum lead – 40:39.

In the second half of the game, the guests managed to hold the lead. Aggressive defense brought them success. The hosts could not guard only Philip Scrubb. But his sniper sskills were only enough to prevent Enisey from finally increase the lead. The hosts lead the game. And after Casper Ware several plays, three and a half minutes before the end of regular time, Enisey lead reached 9 points – 80:71.

But the endings this season are Avtodor’s strong side . And they have confirmed this again. Philip Scrubb and Zeljko Sakic organized a swift run. After Scrubb’s three, the Volga team equalized the score – 82:82. The Saratov guard could have won the game at all, but he missed his winning buzzer-beater attempt, and the game went into overtime.

The key moment
The hero of the overtime was Jaron Johnson. The American made two 3-pointers at crucial moments, got the lay-up and score his free-throws. Enisey had a chance to save the game, but with a 3-point gap, Sergey Balashov missed the 3-pointer. The last seconds of the game consisted of Enisey’s tactical fouls. But it didn’t help them. Grant Jerrett and Zeljko Sakic made five of six free-throws, and Avtodor scored a hundred for the first time in the season – 101:95.

Phillip Scrubb didn’t do too well in overtime. But during the regulationof the game, he was the key player in Avtodor roster. Stats can confirm this. The guard finished the game with 24 points and 29 eff. points.

4 wins in a row the Saratov team got. They has not know how to lose in the United League since October.

Drazen Anzulovic, Enisey Head Coach:
– I would like to congratulate my players, thank them for a good game. Some players got sick, we didn’t have the opportunity to train with a full squad. Considering these factors, being as close to winning as we are today is a good achievement, a good game. Of course, we are disappointed that we failed to win. Especially considering that in the end we had the lead. When the score was 80:71 a few minutes before the end of regulation, the opponent took a time-out. During this time-out, we talked about the need to prevent them from throwing open threes and got the rebound. Unfortunately, these two factors allowed Avtodor to return to the game.

Emil Rajkovicj, Avtodor Head Coach:
– First of all, I want to note that this game was very exciting and interesting for the fans. Overtime, draw game, so I think this game turned out to be very interesting. Congratulations to Enisey coaches, players and fans on a good game today. In my opinion, none of the teams deserved to lose. However, at key moments my players had more composure and made better decisions. The conditions were not the most ideal for us, it was a very difficult flight from Israel. It’s a completely different climate and time zone, it was difficult. However, the players were able to adapt, show good basketball and win this very important game.

What’s next
Enisey: away game against Zenit on December 6
Avtodor: home game versus Nizhny Novgorod on December 5 

Photo 21/11/2021 Enisey-Avtodor 95:101 ОТ